Training for unskilled youth and women

job consultancy in coimbatoreWe train unskilled candidates – both youth and women on specific trades. If any job opportunities fit their qualification and skill arise we place them and create employment opportunity for them.

For skilled persons, we provide training because….

Training the manpower can bring lots of benefits. We train the persons before debuting in any job because of the following reasons. For qualified and equipped staff we impart motivational training before we outsource them for any job. This is because:-

  • Increase Credibility If the employees know what they’re doing and are properly trained, their work efficiency will be different from others.  We train our manpower to achieve improved quality, provide better service, reduced snagging and ultimately make a profit. This helps to enhance the credibility of our Manpower Services and also benefits the clients.
  • Reduce employee turnover as a result of the training they tend to stay longer and contribute more to your business. Recruiting replacement staff is expensive, time-consuming and risky. It’s much better to train and retain best people in the first place.
  • Decrease need for supervisionUntrained and under-qualified staff can drain the management resources and distract best people from urgent and important tasks. Time and energy in supervision decrease if the staffs are well trained.
  • Increase job satisfaction, morale and motivation among employees happy workforce is a productive workforce. Training increases the well being of employees and reduces absenteeism, mistakes, and stress in the workplace – always beneficial for a Company. The provision of technical training including Inspection and Testing improves the reputation of the Company and the performance of individual workers.